Large Mains Laying and Service Connections contract, worth circa. £375k to Infrastructure Gateway, involving approximately 2.35km of various sized mains, 378no. Plot Connections, and incorporating Off-Site Mains, as well as the usual On-Site Mains.

Works undertaken for a consortium of Developers - David Wilson Homes, Barratt Homes and Bellway Homes.

Off-Site works commenced in August 2011, leading to the On-Site mains.

The Off-Site Mains involved bringing a 280mm diameter main into the site from the opposite side of Greenleys Roundabout, on Great Monk Street. Liaison with not only the local Highways Agency regarding the route and method proposed for crossing the roundabout, required, but permissions also needed from The Parks Trust, an organization unique to Milton Keynes Borough, whose sole interest is the maintenance of the highway verges and open spaces adjacent to the road system. Licences from both parties necessary prior to work commencing.

The normal method of Open-Cut installation for this situation was dismissed, as the Highways Agency dictated that the temporary Traffic Lights could only be operational between the hours of 9:30am to 3:30 pm, at which time the road needed to be re-opened, and to be fully usable i.e. fully re-instated. Consequently, the supply main was brought into the site by means of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), after a full services sweep had determined that this method was feasible. This technique now meant that the only excavations open were a Launch Pit, on the Parks Trust verge, and a Reception Pit within the Site boundary, with the temporary Traffic Lights now erected for safety reasons for the drilling operatives.

Liaison with the consortium Developers now became paramount, with their differing Build Programmes not always giving a natural fit. The most pro-active Developer, in terms of his progress on site, happened to be on the end of the supply lines for Water, Gas, and Electricity, consequently, the infrastructure roads and sewers moved at a pace, which IGL had to keep up with. Monthly Utility Meetings were held with all Developers around the same table at the same time, leading to the resolution of most problems well in advance of a conflict on site.

All phases of main laid in timely fashion, with IGL meeting all target dates given by any of the consortium Developers.