Steven Draper


  • Steven has 14 years experience in the engineering sector, growing his knowledge from template draughtsman, through to electronic site surveying to field engineer Technical Manager and finally Technical Director.
  • He has a strong mechanical/electrical background which he has moulded to incorporate the multi-utility demands. This coupled with an ever growing water industry knowledge has helped to base a well rounded understanding of all aspects of the utility field.
  • Steven has exceptional organisation skills, ensuring that all tasks are completed to the highest standard possible in the fastest time.

Personal Strengths

  • Highly organised with ability to sort out complex solutions;
  • Effective at working from own initiative as well as assisting part of a team;
  • Good fault diagnosis and rectification skills both in the field and on paper;
  • A well rounded understanding of most engineering aspects to include materials, mechanics and the implements of new technology;
  • An appreciation of all aspects within the business sector through self employment, allowing an empathy with both small and large companies;
  • First-rate design and development skills through the undertaking of both minor and large projects from start to finish;
  • Strong understanding of applied mathematics and sciences within the engineering environment, due to a vast understanding of functional principles;
  • A gregarious and yet professional manner, helping to communicate with people at all levels;
  • Communication of technical concepts/proposals to clients with the ability to facilitate questions for full understanding;