Elsea Park, Bourne

Elsea Park is a major housing development providing 2,000 new homes to Bourne, costing an estimated £10 million. This enables the town to increase its population by 50% within a decade. Work on the new estate and realignment of the A15 started during 2002 and continues to carry on to this day.

Infrastructure Gateway have been working on a number of parcels within the new development for the past few years installing new water mains and services to a number of properties on behalf of Barratt Homes, Taylor Wimpey Homes and Kier Homes respectively.

In the summer of 2013 Infrastructure Gateway were appointed by Kier Homes to install 1km of Water Mains on the new Spine main along the A15 now known as Raymond Mays Way. As well as this, Infrastructure Gateway had been appointed to excavate for the newly installed Gas Main to support the new infrastructure for the development.

The installation and excavation works began on the 28th October spanning across eight weeks in total up to the Christmas period. Due to the time of year, weather conditions made the work challenging as well as the work running alongside a culvert, providing a drainage source the A15. To overcome large amounts of damage to the verge area, Infrastructure Gateway employed a matting system to bear the weight of the large machinery required to carry out such an extensive project.

Extensive traffic management systems were required enabling these works to be completed safely, closing areas of one lane of the A15 throughout the extent of the project. Finally Infrastructure Gateway were also employed by Taylor Wimpey Homes to install 100m of Electricity Ducting to provide a supply to the new development off Raymond Mays Way. Although a number of hurdles were put in the way, the project was still completed on time and within budget. Both the Water and Gas mains are now commissioned and live to supply utility sources to the large development.

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